Camera Lens and Shutter Remote Kit compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 + S7 Edge – Incl. Bluetooth Camera Remote, 12x… Price: £29.99 (as of 28/03/2023 18:13 PST- Details)

BLUETOOTH CAMERA SHUTTER REMOTE: Perfect for taking selfies or group shots (including the photographer) from a distance of up to 30 feet (10 m). You only need to pair the remote control with your smartphone once. Then choose the camera app you want to use and press the button of the remote control to capture that awesome picture!
FOUR GREAT LENSES IN ONE KIT: Awesome mobile photography for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Includes 4 lenses: 12x zoom telephoto lens with manual focus ring, fisheye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens. All lenses are made from aluminum for increased durability. Combine with your favorite apps to share photos instantly!
ENHANCED PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEO: 12x Telephoto: Get a clear shot of subjects usually too far away to capture. Fisheye: This lens will give your images a round, fish bowl effect. Macro: Capture amazing close-ups in crisp detail. Wide Angle: Allows you to capture larger scenes. For example, long cityscapes and large group shots.

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